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Camping With Friends Gone Wrong

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I try to go on a backpacking trip every year with my five best friends from high school, although now that most of us are getting married and having kids, it’s been a few years. One year (I think 2005) we decided to hike through the John Muir Wilderness in California, which we figured would […]

Tips for Traveling Throughout Paris,France

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In this post, I will share some tips and suggestion that can be useful when traveling to France. So here it goes: Tips for Traveling France – Definitely hit up Montmartre! Artsy and tons of tourists. Try the crepes there and the croque-monsiuer (sandwich with ham and bechamel cheese) – The metro is easy to […]

Travel Story: Free Meal in Italy

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We were exploring the small town of Locorotondo in southern Italy and looking for a place for lunch. We came across a restaurant with a sign that said “typical home cooking” above the door. The door was open, but had a bead curtain at the door way. We made our way inside to find an […]

Embarrassing Travel Story: Train Business

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Let me set the pace with what is probably the most embarrassing moment of my life, but in retrospect, probably one of the funniest too… My Most Embarrassing Travel Story A few years back, my spouse and I were traveling around the Europe, and were about to catch a train from Budapest to Romania. We […]

10 Amazing & Easy Tips For Travelers on a Tight Budget

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Think you need a lot of money to development? Rethink. Just take after these clear tips to welcome an escape at whatever point, wherever. When you ask some person what they wish they could achieve more, the notable answer is “travel.” And when you approach them for what substantial reason they don’t, the modified response […]